Some Faenor historians claim that the fragmentation of the First Kingdom began with the death of Ithiriel Shalath Serannar and the ascendancy of his son, Laenor as the new Ithiriel. Many had expected Shalath to name his younger brother Aenorr as his successor, including Aenorr himself. However, driven by his desire for pure elven unity, Aenorr accepted Laenor as the new elven leader for many years. It all changed during the Ogre Wars, as Aenorr often clashed with Laenor over many of the Ithiriel's decisions, primarily, the Ithiriel's desire to ask the Dwarven Guild Masters for their help. Aenorr felt an elven war should be fought by elves and elves only, a sentiment shared by a secretive group known as the Faenare, the Radiant Ones. Its members would go on to become the Houses of the Faenor Kinship, and at the time they advocated for non-involvement with the other races, to better focus on the fight against the evils of the land. Aenorr prayed to Garwen for guidance and during the First Migration, he abandoned his house and joined the Faenare to travel north in search of answers. Their journey led to them to the cold mountain ranges of Larandor, and it was at the continent's highest mountain that they settled in what would be the Faenor's ancestral home, Khelwen, the Crystalline Peak.


Name Rank Title Description
Cayn 1 High Lord
Gariss 1 High Lord
Emyrion 1 High Lord
Ellyn 1 High Lord
Lythene 1 High Lord
Relios 2 Lord Heir
Rigoth 2 Lord Heir
Aeryn 2 Lord Heir
Talrin 2 Lady Heir Grandmaster of the Argent Knights
Garett 2 Lord Heir
Lathia 3 General
Eirianwen 4 Lady
Kenyon 4 Lord
Vella 4 Lady
Boros 4 Lord
Rhyven 4 Lord
Ideh 4 Lady
Ingmarr 5 Citizen
Sindris 5 Citizen
Iridessa 5 Citizen High Priestess of Torth
Falron 5 Citizen
Saaru 5 Citizen
Dalarin 5 Citizen
Elyon 5 Citizen
Bledig 5 Citizen
Alethia 5 Citizen
Methedras 5 Citizen
Elisera 5 Citizen
Klaern 5 Citizen
Tivaar 5 Citizen
Althon 5 Citizen
Luthien 5 Citizen
Aegon 5 Citizen
Zion 5 Citizen
Syndie 5 Citizen
Volscaeva 5 Citizen
Eloidhe 5 Citizen
Delsaran 5 Citizen
Valanor 5 Citizen
Hrefna 5 Citizen
Ozymandius 5 Citizen

Ruler: Cayn



The elegance of their elven heritage is found in the majestic architecture of the snowy caves and ice structures they call their home. Rather than build more traditional dwellings to suit them, they have seamlessly shaped and become part of the harsh environment that surrounds them. They have embraced it, and wrapped themselves in the flowing white of their matron goddess in their attempt to make Aarandor, their home.

The center of the city is found inside a large cavern, close to the peak of the highest mountain in the new world. Buildings are part of the cavern rock, or have been shaped out of the ice that was part of the cave system the Faenor have come to call their home.

Trying to reach the city through normal means is next to impossible, exactly how the Faenor want it to be.

Winter's Gate

Beautiful white-grey stones are being hewn from the mountain sides near by and brought to the location now called Winter's Gate. The settlement features a rather extravagant Faenorian style gate at its entrance facing south towards Thelos. The construction is both elegant and sturdy making it a perfect representation and second holding of the Faenor people as a whole.