Vassal of Faenor

Sigil: A pair of white wolf's eyes staring from within shadows
Words: Beware Our Bite

Thaleesa Reid of the Argent Winds came to be called such, because of her distinct flowing silvery hair and her speed with the bow and arrow. Before the First Migration, she often paired with wolves for her hunts and was known to have a close bond with Aynarr the Huntress. For many years, the two often hunted together and to this day, a mutual respect and fondness remains between the members of House Reid and House Aynarr of the Thalerith. However, Thaleesa's beliefs that the duty of an elf hunter was root out all corruption, steered her towards the Faenare, drifting away from Aynarr, whom Thaleesa felt had a more mundane view of the hunt. During the settling of Khelwen, the Faenor ancestral home, she expanded and improved on the beast mastery skills she learned from Aynarr to create the ritual that allows the Faenor to bond with the snow wolves found in the mountain ranges of both Larandor and Aarandor. Many members of the House embrace the belief in hunting down corruption, and it's common for them to also establish stronger bonds with their wolves and other Faenor.


Name Rank Title Description
Ellyn 1 High Lord
Aeryn 2 Heir
Alethia 2 Heir Delegate to House Reid
Vella 4 Family
Luthien 4 Family

Ruler: Ellyn



Built deep in to the Silvermist Vale, this stone keep is both fortified and difficult to find. Those who know its location call it a beacon of hope, with fertile farming lands and protective mountains in the same area.