Vassal of Lorandi

Sigil: A silver cornucopia filled with blue and violet morning glories
Words: Dignity in All Things

The Royal House of the Lorandi traces its origins to the First Kingdom,a time when all elves were one kin. The first Ithiriel, Ithiriel Shalath Serannar died fairly young by elf standards and was succeeded by his son, Laenor Serannar. It was Laenor who led the Lorandi to the Valley of Toren during the First Migration, abandoning the title of Ithiriel in the process. Lessons learned during the failure of the First Kingdom led Laenor to reform the monarchy, adopting many of the practices of the neighboring human kingdom, including the title of King. House Serannar has not changed much since then, remaining a shining of example of the Lorandi values the other families are expected to follow. There is a distinct sense of history repeating itself, as their arrival to Aarandor means that House Serannar once more finds itself leading those families loyal to it in establishing a kingdom to rival their kingdom of old.


Name Rank Title Description
Leda 1 Princess
Arminel 1 King
Catlith 2 Queen
Aurri 3 Highborn Family
Escanor 4 Family
Amalthea 4 Family
Avalya 4 Family
Llaryn 4 Family
Kaelyn 4 Family
Druthean 4 Family
Amara 4 Family
Elandiel 4 Family
Nyssa 4 Family
Rawen 4 Family
Indeera 4 Family

Ruler: Leda


The Gilded Vale

A beautiful wooden keep, constructed with intricate and ornate details, is built in to the hills of the southern Lorandi territory. A lush field for gardening and cultivating grape vineyards has been established behind the settlement itself. The two hills that mark the entrance to the settlement have been named Arminel's Pass to commemorate the beloved leader of the Serannar Family and the Lorandi Kinship.