Vassal of Lorandi

Vassal of House Serannar

Sigil: A golden bull framed by a wreath of lilies
Words: Always Plan Ahead

House Brixtien is one of the oldest houses in the Lorandi Kinship, and traditionally one of the wealthiest. They encouraged and orchestrated the trading deals with the human kingdom back in Larandor, and were the first one to embrace them as allies. They haven't always seen eye to eye with the royal family, with rumors of House Brixtien having designs for the throne showing up every so often. House Brixtien vehemently denies them, pointing to their longstanding service to the royal house as proof of their loyalty, and blaming the rumors on agents of other houses that are jealous of their prosperity. Currently, House Brixtien advocates for open trade with the other kinships, seeing it as a potential source to not only increase their wealth but fund the development of their kingdom.


Name Rank Title Description
Daechir 1 Duke
Saga 2 Right Hand
Ayala 3 Highborn Family
Starling 3 Highborn Family
Vaeri 3 Highborn Family
Myriil 3 Highborn Family

Ruler: Daechir

Minister Category Title
Myriil Income Master of Coin
Saga Warfare None


Diamond Hold

A grand wooden keep has been constructed right in front of the Forge of Torth in an effort to keep the ancient monument safe. The courtyard that connects the two places has been named after Rella Brixten, the former High Priestess of Torth and the keep itself has been named Diamond Hold after the late Duchess Celestria's favorite gem.

Within the walls of the keep, a Shrine of Torth has also been constructed. The time spent on building this building took a little longer than the keep itself as the priests found a particular joy in creating it just so. Construction both structures was finished in the Autumn of 52 PA.

Reflection Valley

Built deep in the foothills of Reflection Valley, a wooden keep has been constructed by House Brixtien. Within its walls, the starbust found at the site has been protected by a wrought-iron fence that's never locked. The settlement is also flanked by shrines to Acharon and Estril.