Vassal of Lorandi

Vassal of House Serannar

Sigil: A charging hound with a broken chain within green and black banners
Words: Our Might Unleashed

Augustus, the founder of House Tenlindil, served under the promising warrior, Filinnar, in the Armies of the First Kingdom. They complimented each other perfectly, and were a fearsome sight to behold whenever they fought together. Augustus's prowess in battle led him to be known as the Dread Hound. The fracturing of the First Kingdom and the First Migration saw the two elves drift apart and go their separate ways. Filinnar left with his siblings, taking many of the warriors that served under him to found the Thalerith, while Augustus remained loyal to the royal family and to Laenor Serannar. This rift caused a rivalry to develop between the Tenlindil of the Lorandi and the Filinnar of the Thalerith that flared during the Second Migration and persists to this day. While not all members of House Tenlindil are warriors, many lean towards the martial arts or offensive magics.


Name Rank Title Description
Rollant 1 Duke
Helene 2 Right Hand
Oriana 2 Right Hand Mage Commander
Gureylain 3 Highborn Family
Leofric 4 Family
Xiraye 4 Family
Adilenea 9 Denizen

Ruler: Rollant


Golden Hallow

Golden Hallow was settled in June of 52PA in Pride Valley by House Tenlindil. The settlement itself sits at a strategic overlook, gazing down in to the valley. Banners of golden lions hang from the sides of the keep in recognition of the magnificent beasts that were found here earlier in the year.