Vassal of Lorandi

Sigil: A majestic great owl, wings spread and a scroll grasped in its talons
Words: Our Knowledge Soars

House Rylanth is one of the younger houses in the Lorandi Kinship. Its founder was known as Rylanth the Dreamer, a spiritual advisor to the Lorandi leader during the First Migration. Blessed with a strong connection to the Lifewell and the natural world, Rylanth often experienced visions in the way of lucid dreams. Legend claims that during the First Migration he received a vision of a great owl that guided him to find the Valley of Toren. He was known for being an educated scholar, but very private. He seldom wrote about his visions, claiming that such things could be easily misinterpreted in the written word. Through the years, many members of House Rylanth have followed in the steps of its founder, becoming scholars, spiritual leaders, priests and mages. Hunters are also common for those drawing into the family's connection to nature.


Name Rank Title Description
Alliah(RIP) 3 Highborn Family

Ruler: Seren

Minister Category Title
Caelia Farming Warden of the Earth
Seren Income Minister of Income
Naxalia Loyalty None
Haedirn Warfare Marshal of Rylanth


Dreamer's Repose

The stone keep at Dreamer's Repose has been built in a very natural and non invasive way. The structure of the keep is absolutely beautiful, providing a well protected entry point in to the valley itself.