Vassal of Lorandi

Vassal of House Brixtien

Sigil: A black horse with a white mane galloping across a grass field
Words: Into the Unknown

The youngest of the Lorandi Houses was born during the War of the Brothers. Teverius, it's founder, led many expeditions to explore the Valley of Toren and the surroundings areas. Teverius had the heart of an adventurer, with the brain of a scholar. He was a master cartographer, and many of the maps of Larandor that were preserved during the Third Migration are attributed to him. He came to be known in all of the kinships, always willing to share his knowledge with anyone that would listen. When he finally settled down at his old age, he dedicate himself to the breeding of the finest horses that the Lorandi have ever seen. The current members of the house often share that spirit of adventure of its founder, finding themselves driven by the need for discovery of the hidden gems in the world around them and to this day the house is known for producing the finest horses that a Lorandi Knight could ask for.

In the year 51 PA, King Arminel Serannar established a new county under the fealty of House Palinnar as a way to honor Danseg Garmonel, a soldier that died protecting the king during an assassination attempt. The soldier was posthumously named Count of House Garmonel, with his heir being awarded all the rights of this new title.

Information for House Garmonel
Sigil: A rearing stag with a broken horn
Motto: Deeds Not Words


Name Rank Title Description
Hatharal 1 Marquis
Ember 2 Right Hand
Elendril 3 Highborn Family
Pyliathiwen 3 Highborn Family
Nesara 3 Highborn Family
Talyn 4 Family
Bel 4 Family
Kenyon 4 Family

Ruler: Hatharal

Minister Category Title
Valatir(RIP) Income Master of Coin


Emrys' Promise

The very first coastal city of the Lorandi land holdings, Emrys' Promise is both beautiful and fortified. The harbor it was built on is protected on both sides, creating a natural defensible location along the sea. And the stone keep built is like no other. Large windows let in the summer breeze, every detail perfectly in place. It is an exquisite holding down to the last stone.

Iwyn's Crossing

A majestic silver-gilded bridge crosses over the great chasm that once spawned a silver golem in this area. On either side of the bridge, a great stone keep has been built up claiming this land in the name of House Palinnar.