Vassal of Lorandi

Vassal of House Tenlindil

Sigil: A closed red gauntlet against a fortress under a blue sky
Words: Strong Walls, Warm Hearths

House Monstald shares the honor with House Brixtien of being one of the oldest houses in the Lorandi Kinship. Unlike House Brixtien which is often plagued by rumors of disloyalty, the Monstald have always been known for being steadfastly loyal to the crown. Even before the First Migration, many members of the Ithiriel's royal guard were of the old Monstald lineage. During the War of the Brothers, they cautioned their leader against joining with the humans, but once that decision was made, they fully supported and many times protected the alliance. Many of the House's warriors have become Knights of renown in the Lorandi forces. Regardless of their vocation, members of the house are known for conducting themselves with military discipline and demeanor. Of course, there are always some that don't quite fit this mold, but even then know to stand just a little straighter when family and the head of house are present.


Name Rank Title Description
Yvette 1 Marchioness
Ingerith 2 Right Hand
Mellifera 4 Family
Primrose 4 Family
Donatien 4 Family
Sumelek 4 Family
Scalanis 4 Family

Ruler: Yvette

Minister Category Title
Sumelek Income Minister of Income


Monstald Domain