Vassal of Lorandi

Vassal of House Tenlindil

Sigil - A dragon perched on a castle's tower
Words - We Will Not Fall

Over the generations, House Nalduine has been responsible for the design and creation of most of the Lorandi Kinship's works of architecture. Often they have led the innovation allowing of the Lorandi's hunger for conquering and dominion of the lands around them, their inventions dating back to the days of the Ogre Wars. Not all members of the house are engineers, of course, there are many scholars, warriors, priests and designers among the family. However, all of them have a particular aptitude for creative thinking, finding inspiration in almost anything that surrounds them. It is a house of dreamers, creators and innovators and without it, the Lorandi Kinship would not be as strong as it is today. They are the backbone of the Lorandi plans for Aarandor.


Name Rank Title Description
Galeren 1 Lord
Zedmir 2 Right Hand
Telassin 3 Highborn Family
Fanorne 4 Family
Freyvidr 4 Family ---

Ruler: Galeren

Minister Category Title
Telassin Income None


Nalduine Domain