Vassal of Thalerith

Sigil - A burning pyre under a starry night
Words - Our Fire Burns Brightest

Sedriel of the Flame, a priestess of Acharon and a skilled pyromancer was the founder of the Sedriel family. Rumored to be a favored of Acharon, she became the first Flame Speaker and spiritual leader of the Thalerith. She was a big believer that change is inevitable and must be embraced. As she grew old, she became blind and the visions she witnessed in the flame became more vivid and intense. Eventually she left her family and the Kinship to search for answers in a pilgrimage into the Sand Dunes of Nashari that she never returned from. Many of her descendants followed in her steps, becoming Flame Seers, responsible for the preservation of the Thalerith oral history.


Name Rank Title Description
Jarlanen 1 Head of House
Ayalith 2 Right Hand
Kalagos 3 Family
Merek 3 Family
Narthic 3 Family
Sinna 3 Family
Kierat 3 Family
Rania 3 Family
Pyrravyn 3 Family
Iolas 3 Family
Gamal 4 Family

Ruler: Jarlanen


Sedriel Domain