Vassal of Thalerith

Sigil: Two bloody axes crossed before a burning sun
Words: Through Strength, Victory

The elf that came to be known as the Butcher of Nashari, is the founder of the Filinnar family. Known for his proficiency with the axe, he was a renowned warrior and military leader in the Armies of the First Kingdom, often pairing with another warrior named Augustus, the father of House Tenlindil in the Lorandin Kinship. During the First Migration, Filinnar convinced many of his men and women to leave with him and his siblings, something that Augustus never forgave him for. Those soldiers were as much family to Filinnar as his real siblings, and they became the foundation of his House. Members of the family often honor its tradition by becoming proficient warriors, but some also often go on to become Flame Seers, hoping to maintain the glory of the Filinnar alive in the Thalerith oral history.


Name Rank Title Description
Sylindra 1 Head of House
Aganor 2 Right Hand
Lyandra 3 Close Family
Joran 3 Close Family
Rivaron 3 Close Family
Aerays 4 Family
Sorgath 4 Family
Queleri 4 Family
Garron 4 Family
Dakath 4 Family
Akora 4 Family
Nassar 9 Outcast

Ruler: Aganor

Minister Category Title
Lyandra Income None
Joran Warfare None


Moya Falls

Deep within the caverns of the Scorching Expanse is an underground oasis. Discovered in 51 PA, Moya Falls is a beautiful underground waterfall. In August of 52 PA, Warlord Sylindra broke grown and established a stone keep that reaches both below desert sands and above ground keeping the precious water source safe. It is being called the Jewel of the Expanse by those who visit the newly founded settlement.