The First Among Equals, the Children of Loran. In the beginning, before the First Migration, all elves were of one kin. They were the people of the First Kingdom. The First Kingdom eventually fractured, and those loyal to Ithiriel Laenor Serannar followed him to the grasslands of a northern region of Larandor known as the Valley of Toren. Within Toren, the Lorandi built their kingdom, now made of families that remained loyal to Laenor. Eventually, they came in contact with the human kingdom that had claimed the lands east of Toren as their home, and during the War of Brothers the two kingdoms became steadfast allies. Currently, the Lorandi have claimed grasslands of southern Aarandor as their own, naming their new home Torendaar, the Kingdom of Toren. The promise of this seemingly prosperous land has ignited a new hunger for discovery, conquering and dominion of their surroundings.


Name Rank Title Description
Arminel 1 King
Leda 2 Crown Princess
Helene 3 General
Aurri 4 Prince
Rollant 5 Duke Duke of Tenlindil
Daechir 5 Duke Duke of Brixtien
Alliah 6 Marchioness Marchioness of Rylanth
Yvette 6 Marchioness Grandmaster of the Order of Solaris
Galeren 6 Marquis Marquis of Nalduine
Hatharal 6 Marquis Marquis of Palinnar
Valatir 6 Marquis Marquis-Consort of Palinnar
Ember 7 Lady Portal Walker
Rawlin 7 Lord High Priest of Loran
Ingerith 7 Lady High Priestess of Estril
Ayala 7 Lady
Escanor 7 Lord
Amalthea 7 Lady
Zedmir 7 Lord
Elendril 7 Lady
Rennyn 7 Lord
Pyliathiwen 7 Lady
Seren 7 Lady
Avalya 7 Lady
Starling 7 Lady
Naxalia 7 Lady
Saga 7 Lady
Averadus 7 Lord
Talyn 7 Lord
Llaryn 7 Lady
Kaelyn 7 Lady
Druthean 7 Lord
Mellifera 7 Lady
Vaeri 7 Lady
Myriil 7 Lord
Amara 7 Lady
Elandiel 7 Lady
Telassin 7 Lord
Primrose 7 Lady
Oriana 7 Lady
Fanorne 7 Lord
Gureylain 7 Lord
Elonai 7 Lady
Caelia 7 Lady
Donatien 7 Lord
Nyssa 7 Lady
Haedirn 7 Lord
Nesara 7 Lady
Nanthiel 7 Lady
Freyvidr 7 Lord
Leofric 7 Lord
Xiraye 7 Lady
Sumelek 7 Lord
Adilenea 8 Citizen Weaponsmith

Ruler: Arminel

Minister Category Title
Helene Warfare Master of War
Rawlin Loyalty Minister of Loyalty
Zedmir Productivity Minister of Productivity



This is the Lorandi Domain