Vassal of Thalerith

Sigil: A black dagger against a burning circle
Words: Whispers Carry Wisdom

Devrien the Sly was the founder of the Devrien family, which is publicly known for the skillful scouts it's produced over generations. Devrien himself served as a scout in the Armies of the First Kingdom, but left with his siblings to form the Thalerith Kinship during the First Migration. Over the generations, there have been many rumors about the family, hinting at their involvement in less honorable activities. It is also said that any news of worth passes through the hands of a Devrien first. They are a somewhat secretive family that usually prefers to lurk and watch from the safety of the shadows.


Name Rank Title Description
Deanna 1 Head of House
Belstrom 2 Right Hand
Rivek 2 Right Hand
Alakir 3 Family
Melindra 3 Family
Aeolin 3 Family
Nadir 3 Family
Zymandi 4 Blacksheep
Azariah 4 Blacksheep
Dunlain 4 Blacksheep
Bakkari 5 Denizen

Ruler: Deanna

Minister Category Title
Alakir Income Devrien Accountant
Rivek Loyalty Enforcer
Zymandi Productivity None
Melindra Warfare Scout Mistress


Abbasah Harbor

Abbasah Harbor was discovered in the winter of 52PA by a group of adventurers from House Devrien. Their journey across the Scorching Expanse ended abruptly when the endless dunes of the sandy desert met the edge of the ocean. The body of water they encountered has been named The Lorenil Sea after the late sister of the current House Devrien Matriarch, Deanna Devrien. The harbor settlement began construction immediately and has the claim to fame of being the very first family-held settlement in Aarador.

Wyndsong Vale

A beautiful sandstone keep bars the entrance to the valley. The architecture is distinctively Thalerith in style, boasting organic shapes and fortified exteriors. Large metal gates mark its entrance with the rest remains tucked away.

Prism Cove

As the second seaward settlement for House Devrien, Prism Cove has marked the western coast for the Scorching Expanse as Devrien territory. The stone keep itself is built on the bluff overlooking the shimmering cove waters. Swirling sandstone and abalone shells make for an impressive and beautiful exterior, while efforts have been made for a less overbearing look to its strong and defensible structure.