Vassal of Thalerith

Sigil: A flying arrowhead over a beast's skull
Words: The Hunt Is Life

The Aynarr family has always been blessed by Rithor with a special connection to the beasts of their lands. The founder of the family was Aynarr the Huntress, a devout priestess of the patron of beastmasters and renowned hunter of her time. She was a teacher to many of the renowned hunters of the Kinships, and was known to be close to Thaleesa Reid of the Argent Winds, founder House Reid in the Faenor Kinship. But while Thaleesa believed the hunt to be a tool to track down and punish evil, Aynarr saw the hunt as a connection with the world around them and Rithor. The two drifted apart, but to this day there is respect and fondness between the two Houses. Back in Larandor they often paired with the large cats that called the Sand Dunes of Nashari their home. In Aarandor, they tend to favor the domestication of the large reptiles found in the caverns of Nasharat, their new home. While not all members of the family become hunters, and a good number of them follow the path of the warrior, the majority at least know enough about how to survive in the wild.


Name Rank Title Description
Karagoth 1 Head of House
Zenandra 2 Right Hand
Zaltar 2 Right Hand
Aleandra 3 Family
Nadaron 3 Family
Vigar 3 Family
Athulua 3 Family
Moyanet 3 Family
Selene 3 Family
Ragna 3 Family
Uanthel 3 Family
Kaeda 3 Family
Haqim 3 Family

Ruler: Karagoth


Watcher's Bay

A stone keep built on the very edge of the scorching expanse, where the water meets the sand. This historic settlement was erected in 53 PA shortly after an alliance with the near-by Sand Watchers was established by the Thalerith kinship.