The Blood Templars

The Sacred Order of the Blood Templars is an order of knights of made of individuals who honor Baridon and have taken an oath to enforce the laws of the Holy Council in Thelos. They are also the dispensers of Baridon's judgments upon the kinships.

The order was founded by Knight Chaplain Falron Aenorr. He presented the idea to the High Council, insisting that as a neutral territory, the City of Shrines would need a peacekeeping force to keep order in the city, and enforce the rules of the High Council within Thelos when needed. The High Council at the time agreed with Falron, and also chose him to become the Order's first Knight Commander, a role that he would eventually step down from.

The order was inspired by a different group known to have existed during the First Kingdom. The Knights of the Scarlet Shield, an order of knights with the primary mission of keeping peace within Lorendaar, the ancient capital city of the First Kingdom.

Organization Titles: Knight Commander, Knight Lieutenant, Knight Chaplain, Knight Sergeant, Knight, Squire

Knight Chaplains serve as both advisers and liaisons to the Priesthood of Baridon, they are highly respected but do not usually command knights on the field.


Name Rank Title Description
Rivaron 1 Knight Commander
Kenyon 2 Knight Lieutenant
Falron 3 Knight Chaplain Spiritual Advisor
Dunlain 5 Knight
Nesara 5 Knight
Qahir 5 Knight
Yazat 5 Knight
Relios 6 Squire