The Galithryn Acadeum

Founded in 3650 BA by Galithryn Naevon, the Acadeum was the first formalized school of magic devoted to teaching and improving upon the practice of the Lifewell arts. The Acadeum seeks out new applications of spells and different ways of using magic, as well as recording tomes and treaties for the Grand Library. Teachers host generalized classes but often select individual pupils to train one on one. They have a 'friendly' rivalry with the Amethyst Order, who they see as wasting their potential by training with weaponry in addition to magic.

Organization Titles: Archmage, Senior Research Fellow, Senior Instructor, Research Fellow, Professor, Adjunct Professor, Senior Scholar, Junior Scholar, Novice.


Name Rank Title Description
Nagestos 1 Archmage Master of Arcane Combat
Thorin 2 Senior Research Fellow Celestial Magic
Maltavius 3 Research Fellow Arcane Engineering
Starling 5 Professor Restoration and General Mysticism
Lyandra 6 Adjunct Professor Prestidigital and Evocative Studies
Escanor 6 Adjunct Professor Evocative Studies
Arahiel 7 Senior Scholar
Aurri 7 Senior Scholar
Kiros 7 Senior Scholar Prestidigital Studies and Celestial Magic
Azariah 8 Junior Scholar Evocative Studies
Estelle 8 Junior Scholar Restoration - Prestidigitation - Linguistics
Ozymandius 8 Junior Scholar
Qahir 8 Junior Scholar General Mysticism
Elendril 9 Novice Abjurative Studies
Telimus 9 Novice General Mysticism
Sikil 9 Novice Combat Arts
Rutana 9 Novice General Mysticism
Sarian 9 Novice Combat Arts
Tiania 9 Novice
Danai 9 Novice
Lathia 9 Novice