The Duindar set themselves apart from the other elven Kin for their adherence to Loran's desire to change and grow; innovating and inventing and finding new ways to enhance the lives of elvenkind through their connection to the Lifewell and the world around them. They first originated from the warrior-mages, engineers, and spellcasters who served under Duin the Artificer during the Ogre Wars. Through her organization and leadership, they found they had much in common with their pursuit of magic, science, and the way they interact in the natural world. After the formation of the Senate and their departure northward during the First Migration, they settled alongside the banks of the Ursulae River and built their cities alongside the great cliff waterfalls which were marvels of engineering, woven into the trees and over the water with a seamless integration. The grandest was Riaeus, Marvel of the East; home of the Grand Library. They managed to bring much of their history and technology with them during the Third Migration and have implemented it into the Isalspire tree. The Duindar continue their scholarly pursuits in the heart of Aarandor alongside the river which reminds them of their forsaken home.


Name Rank Title Description
Teroleus 1 Imperator
Alexandria 2 Consul
Elstrin 3 Kinlessa Naval Commander
Theleria 3 Kinlessa
Limandria 3 Kinlessa
Erotas 3 Kinlector
Dalir 4 Citizen
Audreus 4 Citizen General of the Military
Cordelia 4 Citizen
Diagones 4 Citizen
Elizaldian 4 Citizen
Valeria 4 Citizen High Priestess of Gala
Trevarius 4 Citizen
Baeldeth 4 Citizen
Kaeleirus 4 Citizen
Tamora 4 Citizen
Ronan 4 Citizen
Nagestos 4 Citizen
Zaleria 4 Citizen
Myrrdine 4 Citizen
Tharnor 4 Citizen
Archarnor 4 Citizen
Nadia 4 Citizen
Aidan 4 Citizen
Eilidh 4 Citizen
Rutana 4 Citizen
Maltavius 4 Citizen
Sikil 4 Citizen
Claria 4 Citizen
Deoca 4 Citizen High Priest of Glanor
Arahiel 4 Citizen
Ceres 4 Citizen
Sarian 4 Citizen
Lukina 4 Citizen
Magnus 4 Citizen Commander of the Mage Cadre
Danai 4 Citizen
Tiania 4 Citizen
Amlugon 4 Citizen
Celenia 4 Citizen
Scipio 4 Citizen
Kenthadus 4 Citizen
Berendir 4 Citizen
Aelessa 4 Citizen
Sciath 4 Citizen
Kythaela 4 Citizen Commander of the Infantry
Nyrena 4 Citizen
Cuivienen 4 Citizen
Emarissa 4 Citizen
Lunan 4 Citizen
Sareth 4 Citizen
Thalassa 4 Citizen
Katara 4 Citizen
Kiros 4 Citizen
Taurfael 4 Citizen
Nerivyre 4 Citizen
Tyrus 4 Citizen
Azura 4 Citizen
Aurelian 4 Citizen
Medeia 4 Citizen
Chyra 4 Citizen
Raelor 4 Citizen
Wahaiya 4 Citizen
Yazat 4 Citizen
Wynnimir 4 Citizen

Ruler: Teroleus

Minister Category Title
Kiros Productivity Magistrate of the Archives
Audreus Warfare Magister of The Amethyst Order



Part of Isalspire is built high atop a natural waterfall, where the treetops from the banks below and the level of the water meet one and the same. Bridges span across the river with hidden water wheels incorporated into the architecture to take advantage of the swift running currents and power their industry. The high winds which once buffeted the trees are caught and harnessed in silver-embroidered sails that spin and turn elegantly to power lifts that raise goods and peoples from the residential districts carved into the massive tree trunks of the riverbanks. The energies of the Lifewell are tapped to improve on the efficiency of the water wheels that power the city, while abjuration wards and barriers help protect the city against inclement weather and potential predators.

Apartments are carved into the trees, with rounded windows of elegant glass panes keeping out the wind. High vaulted ceilings with carved beams, intertwined staircases and hanging chandeliers; all of it fits seamlessly into the trees. Buildings are carved to take advantage of the natural light during the day, while magical fires are used to illuminate the dwellings at night. The Senate itself was carved into a massive oak with the canopies of leaves still hanging high above. The senate floor has been inlaid with different layers of wood, and the benches were dug out through the use of nature magic. The Speaker’s Podium is still a living tree stump, grown and woven to encompass nature.

And then there is the Spire, a library holding the books and scrolls containing the vast knowledge of magic and science they accumulated in the old world and were able to bring with them. It is carved into a great tree that stands defiant against powerful forces of the river. Several wards protect the library, with many modifications made to the tree in order to strengthen it. The knowledge found in the Spire is free to any citizen and maintained by the prestige order of librarians known as the Ishtari. The Ishtari are sacred curators who devote their life to cataloging and archiving the work of Duindar Mages, Engineers and Craftsmen. Every child is required to serve at least five years in the Spire under the tutelage of the Ishtari to learn more about the history of the Old World and their past.

By learning about their past, they can dream of a better future.

Artificer's Spring

A wooden keep built at the top of a waterfall. The architecture is meticulously designed to blend in to its natural surrounding as well as to serve as a defensible structure. Every detail is in place, creating a very serene environment around the Duindarian Settlement.