The Ishtari

The Ishtari are the sacred curators of the Grand Library, who have devoted their life to cataloging the work of Duindar mages, engineers, scientists and historians. The origins of the order date further back than the First Migration, however, to the days of First Kingdom. They were the royal historians of Ithiriel Shalath Serannar, said to be inspired by Loran to preserve the knowledge and the history of the elves. During the First Migration, most of the Ishtari followed Duin the Artificer and helped build the Grand Library of Riaeus. The Ishtari were responsible for rebuilding the library after the War of Devotion, and also for transporting most of its contents to Larandor during the Third Migration, building the main Grand Library within Isalspire. More recently, they have expanded by building a branch of the Grand Library in Thelos to better serve all Elven Kin.

Organization Titles: Head Scholar, Senior Curator, Scholar, Knight Guardian, Keeper, Novice.


Name Rank Title Description
Diagones 1 Head Scholar
Nyrena 2 Senior Curator
Trevarius 3 Scholar
Myriil 3 Scholar
Aurri 3 Scholar
Kaeleirus 4 Knight Guardian
Eiliriel 6 Novice
Celenia 6 Novice
Telimus 6 Novice
Elendril 6 Novice
Yazat 6 Novice
Danai 6 Novice