The Blade Sworn

Warriors that swear an oath to serve and protect the Thalerith Warlord, renouncing their right to challenge the Warlord for leadership in the process.

When an elf takes the Blade Sworn oath, the Warlord offers them a blade made usually of krilkar bone. The elf uses that blade to slice open their right palm and press it upon their left breast while looking into the eyes of the Warlord. They speak the following words:

Let it be known that on this day I, <full name>, renounce the right to challenge you, <full name without title> for leadership. For as long you walk the sands as my Warlord, know that my strength is yours, my blood is yours and my blade is sworn to you. This I promise on my honor, and let the Blood God, Baridon the Doomsayer turn me to dust and return me to the sands if this oath is broken.

At this point, the elf presents the blade back to the Warlord, holding up their bloodied hand. If the Warlord accepts the oath, they press their left hand against the one held up and accept the returned bone blade.

Organization Titles: Warlord, First Blade, Blade.


Name Rank Title Description
Sylindra 1 Warlord
Kalagos 2 First Blade
Zymandi 3 Blade
Athulua 3 Blade