The Amethyst Order

The elite military order of the Duindar Army, the Amethyst Order reports directly to the Senate despite the Order predating the Senate itself. They were first formed in the Ogre Wars in 10,850 BA by Kazaius, the Amethyst Storm, a friend and contemporary to Duin the Artificer. Most of the details surrounding the founding of the Order were lost in the War of Devotion, but it was known that the Storm was a warrior of great renown, that commanded lightning, who developed many tactics still used in the modern era in wielding magic and weaponry simultaneously. They have a 'friendly' rivalry with the Galithryn Acadeum who they see as lacking broader views of using the Lifewell in battle.

They are elite battle-mages trained in the use of short-swords, evocation, and abjuration. Their particular style of fighting originally earned them the nickname 'Spellblades' among the other Kinships, although the term has become popular enough that is generally used now to describe that style of fighting.

Organization Titles: Magister, Warden, Sentinel, Watcher, Apprentice, Novitiate.


Name Rank Title Description
Audreus 1 Magister
Teroleus 2 Warden
Kythaela 2 Warden Infantry Commander
Lukina 3 Sentinel
Magnus 3 Sentinel Warlock Commander
Kenthadus 3 Sentinel
Medeia 4 Watcher
Sciath 5 Apprentice
Kiros 6 Novitiate