The Solaris Order

The Blessed Order of Solaris was founded by Solarus Monstald, who received a vision quest from Loran to obtain the sword named Solaris, the Star of Dawn. The sword was lost during the Scorched Earth War and they've been looking for it since then. They serve the Lorandi Kinship, with the second mission of finding Solaris.

Organization Titles: Grandmaster, Knight Officer, Knight, Squire, Initiate


Name Rank Title Description
Yvette 1 Grandmaster
Saga 2 Knight Officer
Gureylain 2 Knight Officer Quartermaster
Ember 3 Knight
Starling 3 Knight
Oriana 3 Knight
Leofric 3 Knight
Eletha 3 Knight
Rawlin 4 Squire Archivist
Escanor 4 Squire
Arminel 6 Golden King of Lorandi