The Argent Knights

Vassal of Faenor

The Knights of the Argent Moon were founded by Ralus Morinen, a warrior priest devoted to Garwen, who was wounded while protecting Faenor merchants traveling back home to Khelwen. He was saved by a pack of snow wolves, while fierce winter winds tore his attackers down. They serve the Faenor Kinship, with a mandate to purge evil wherever it is found. They seek to protect the Faenor from the dangers of the world around them, while acting honorably and eschewing deceit. Very seldom do they refuse a challenge from an equal, and only do so if it would infringe on their mandate to protect the Faenor and purge evil where is found.

Organization Titles: Grandmaster, Knight Marshal, Knight, Squire, Initiate


Name Rank Title Description
Talrin 1 Grandmaster
Garett 2 Knight Marshal
Delsaran 2 Knight Marshal
Eloidhe 3 Knight
Conall 3 Knight
Valanor 4 Squire
Hrafn 4 Squire
Ozymandius 5 Initiate

Ruler: Talrin


Moon's Fortress

The establishment of the Moon's Fortress marks the first settlement owned by the Argent Knights. This settlement has helped to expand the Faenor Kinship's reach and given access to their elite Knighthood to have a better handle of the southern borders.