High Council Of Thelos

The High Council of Thelos was founded in the year 2PA, shortly after the arrival to Aarandor. Finding Thelos and naming it the City of Shrines, a holy and neutral city, they knew they needed to establish some sense of order. Leaving it in the hands of the various Priesthoods, three council members were elected. It was decided that once ever three years there would be a vote among the High Priests of each of the eleven priesthoods, and among them three would sit as High Council.

It should be noted, that High Priests are not allowed to serve two terms in a row. If a High Priest is unable to perform his/her duties as a member of the Holy Council, then one of the Elders of that priesthood will serve as the Acting High Priest for the remainder of the term. The High Council also leans rather heavily on The Blood Templar's as their city enforcers.


Name Rank Title Description
Sorgath 1 High Council Member
Ayalith 1 High Council Member
Deoca 1 High Council Member
Zenandra 2 High Council Alternate
Alethia 2 High Council Alternate
Catlith 3 High Priestess
Belstrom 3 High Priest
Tykalos 3 High Priest
Rawlin 3 High Priest
Iridessa 3 High Priestess
Boros 3 High Priest
Ingerith 3 High Priestess
Valeria 3 High Priestess
Averadus 4 Elder Priest
Vindal 4 Elder Priest
Kenyon 4 Elder Priest
Luthien 4 Elder Priestess
Aeryn 4 Elder Priest
Kaelyn 4 Elder Priestess
Seren 4 Elder Priestess
Galeren 4 Elder Priest