The Chaos Knights

The Order of the Barbed Star was founded by Lord Heir Rigoth Morinen, under the guidance of High Priest Belstrom Devrien, and is charged with the protection of those brave enough to embrace change and potential by discovering the wonders Aarandor has to share. Also known as the Chaos Knights, they often serve as protectors to explorers and adventurers during their journeys through this new land that the elves hope to claim as their home. They also strive to guard the faithful of Acharon, and encourage and promote unconventional thinking in order to discover solutions that could escape more rigid methods. They are free thinkers with a passion to protect the idea that change helps us become a better version of ourselves.

Organization Titles: First Knight, Knight Champion, Knight, Knight Aspirant, Squire


Name Rank Title Description
Thorin 2 Knight Champion ---
Azariah 3 Knight ---