The Thalerith Families originated during the First Migration. They were founded four siblings, Filinnar, Sedriel, Devrien and Aynarr. Each of the siblings were of some renown in the First Kingdom. Filinnar had served as one of the leaders of the armies, Sedriel was a respected priestess of Acharon, Devrien led the scouts for the First Kingdom during the Ogre Wars and Aynarr was recognized as one of the best hunters among the elves. With the fragmentation of the First Kingdom, the siblings sought to take the best of their followers with them, and carve themselves a new home with strong leaders to see it thrive. The siblings led their followers to their ancestral home in the desert known as the Sand Dunes of Nashari in the continent of Larandor. After their arrival to Aarandor, the Thalerith settled in an area known as the Scorching Expanse. There, they made a local cavern system their home, and built the capital city of Nasherat. Day to day life in the Scorching Expanse is a constant struggle, but the Thalerith would not have it any other way as they attempt to tame the desolate wilderness that surrounds them


Name Rank Title Description
Sylindra 1 Warlord
Jarlanen 2 Warlord's Council Flame Speaker
Karagoth 2 Warlord's Council General
Kalagos 3 Blade Sworn
Zymandi 3 Blade Sworn
Athulua 3 Blade Sworn
Deanna 4 Kinlessa
Belstrom 5 Spiritual Leader High Priest of Acharon
Ayalith 5 Spiritual Leader High Priestess of Brundir
Joran 5 Spiritual Leader Flame Seer
Aerays 5 Spiritual Leader Flame Seer
Sorgath 5 Spiritual Leader High Priest of Rithor
Pyrravyn 5 Spiritual Leader Flame Seer
Lyandra 6 Warlord's Family
Aganor 6 Warlord's Family
Aleandra 6 Warlord's Family
Melindra 6 Warlord's Family
Rivaron 6 Warlord's Family
Bakkari 7 Citizen
Gamal 7 Citizen
Alakir 7 Citizen
Nadaron 7 Citizen
Zenandra 7 Citizen
Merek 7 Citizen
Vigar 7 Citizen
Rivek 7 Citizen
Azariah 7 Citizen
Queleri 7 Citizen
Narthic 7 Citizen
Sinna 7 Citizen
Moyanet 7 Citizen
Selene 7 Citizen Commander of the Fleet
Garron 7 Citizen
Kierat 7 Citizen
Zaltar 7 Citizen
Ragna 7 Citizen
Dakath 7 Citizen
Rania 7 Citizen
Dunlain 7 Citizen
Kaeda 7 Citizen
Nassar 7 Citizen
Uanthel 7 Citizen
Akora 7 Citizen
Iolas 7 Citizen
Jaxyn 7 Citizen
Aeolin 7 Citizen
Nadir 7 Citizen
Haqim 7 Citizen
Shirin 7 Citizen

Ruler: Sylindra



At first those visiting the home of the Thalerith might not find it welcoming. Buildings are made of sandrock, the ground left bare to help keep dwellings cool or warm as needed. There is a fine sand dust that seems to cover most everything, and the architecture is certainly a reflection of the rough lifestyle of its people.

The two largest buildings found in the cavern system that the Thalerith call their home are the Warlord’s Spire, which doubles as both the home of the current leader and the barracks for their warriors and hunters, and the Flame Chantry, which houses the secretive Flame Seers.

A large open plaza can be found at the center of the city, serving as a gathering place for the Thalerith. Several cultural events take place in this plaza, some more violent than others.