The Red Maelstrom

The Maelstrom Guard of Loramar was a group created from a loose association of ship commanders intent on protecting the city, from both inland and maritime threats. Commander Jaroth Marindur, convinced the Aeran leadership to recognize the Maelstrom fleet officially as part of the Aeran forces and for many generations, they proudly served as the vanguard of the Aeran Navy, taking on the most difficult tasks and missions.

The Battle of Bloody Harbor changed everything. The Maelstrom Guard, under the command of Commander Selron Reymar, helped lead the victory against the Human Kingdom of Fellowes and the Lorandi, but were almost immediately branded outlaws when it refused to accept the decision to return Duke Vorath Tenlindil to his people. As a result, the group renamed itself the Red Maelstrom and for many years engaged in acts of piracy against anyone they felt was a threat to the Aeran people whether the Aeran leadership agreed or not, and often having to fend off Aeran attempts to stop them. During the Eradication War, the Red Maelstrom was finally brought to heel with the capture of the fleet's current leader, Commander Elric Reymar, son of Selron Reymar. Elric was taken prisoner, and was not heard from again... until now. Sworn to serve the Aeran as part of his sentence, the veteran commander was tasked with putting together a new group meant to tackle missions believed to be too dangerous for the regular Aeran Navy.

Members of the Red Maelstrom often come from militant or questionable backgrounds. Conscripted criminals, former pirates, and freebooter sailors, often fill its ranks. Those seeking to willingly join, must complete a brutal initiation and receive the blessing of the Maelstrom's leadership. Those that fail, are sent back to the homes if they've not been lost to the seas. All members are oathsworn to protect and defend the interests of the Aeran people and follow the commands of the Aeran Trident. The Crimson Reaver serves as the flagship of the Maelstrom.

Ranks: Dread Commander, Quartermaster, Sailing Master, Raider, Fodder


Name Rank Title Description
Elric 1 Dread Commander
Kai 3 Sailing Master
Nalaea 4 Raider