Priesthood Of Acharon

Symbol - A pale blue barbed star on a black background.

It is said that the first priests of Acharon were inspired to go where their whims took them. They were encouraged to discover, to learn, to do as they please. If they wished to sit and meditate on nothingness, they were to do so. If they wished to protect the innocent, they were to do so. If they wished to harm the innocent, they were to do so. There were no rules, no requirements other than to make sure they were passionate about whichever path they followed. With this directive, or lack of it, the priests did as they would. Some killed and robbed, others protected and defended. Some sat around doing nothing, others walked until they could not take another step. It is said that of all the priests, only one returned to share her knowledge with her Kin, her name was Anu. The Priesthood of Acharon are a strange bunch. They embrace passion in all its forms. Taking whims and making decisions on the fly are encouraged. As such, they have no formal meeting place among the City of Shrines. Instead, they pick whatever place feels best at the moment and meet and discuss there. Often theirs is a gathering of philosophy and debate, finding ways in which the Kinships can innovate and change, evolve into something more. There is much to be gained in taking risks.


Name Rank Title Description
Katara 2 Elder
Mihris 4 Faithful

Ruler: Belstrom


Anu's Summit

A wooden keep built at the summit that overlooks the Grey Wastes. Acharon's Priesthood chose the Thelos-adjacent location to build their first settlement in Aarandor to provide a place of pilgrimage to all elf kind. The area around the keep is barren, burnt and dead, but at the keep itself, life presses on with sustainable vegetation and growth.