Priesthood Of Aereth

Symbol - A curling white wave on an teal background.

It is said the first priests of Aereth were inspired to travel to the coast, to the area where the city of Loramar would be eventually built. They made many discoveries during their journey, taking great care to document any landmarks they found, and making drawings that became the first maps of the continent. These priests learned how to survive out in the open wilds, and when they reach the coast, they built the first boats of the Elven people, before returning to share that knowledge with their communities. The Priesthood of Aereth are a ritualistic people, taking care to show their patron the utmost respect. When they meet to pray, a bowl of fresh water is set aside to wash the hands and feet. Often the congregation meetings are held while wading in water.


Name Rank Title Description
Phaedra 4 Initiate

Ruler: Tykalos


Aereth's Call

High in the cliffs looking down over the harbor a wooden keep has been built and named Aereth's Call. The wooden structure itself uses the natural movement of the stone around it to influence its design, blending in to the natural beauty of the sea side cliff face.