Priesthood Of Baridon

Symbol - A golden scale on a red background.

It is said that the first priests of Baridon were inspired to travel across the land and observe. They were to observe the people, the promises they made and if they kept them. They were to witness how those of close blood treated each other, they were not to interfere with their choices but make not of the consequences of those choices. These priests learned of the importance of oaths and promises, the importance of the law to keep order in communities, the importance of the bonds made with each other and what happens when you break said oaths. They made a blood pact between them, to go in different directions and bring this knowledge to their people. The Priesthood of Baridon are a rather serious and law-abiding sect of the faith. It is their duty to maintain the laws of Thelos and ensure that oaths are kept. Marriage vows are said before Baridon, weighing the serious of that oath before the gods. They are the keepers of alliances and judges of the oathbreakers.


Name Rank Title Description
Catlith 1 High Priestess
Kenyon 2 Elder
Falron 3 Priest
Leofric 3 Priest
Loralyndra 4 Initiate