The Thalerith Kinship

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Undoubtedly the bleakest of the settled kinships, the desert lands offered very little by way of protection to the Thalerith Kin that settled there. In fact, it offered them much more in the way of poison and death. The sun, so hot over head could bleach the bones of a fallen horse in a days time. The venomous snakes and other beasts that roam this land truly have dominion over it. Survival became this kinship’s strongest suit. Instead of succumbing to the superiority of the beasts that lived here, they tamed them, used them to their advantage. Because of their conditions, this kinship of elves adapted to doing most of their hunting, gathering, building and truly living at night. During the day they must take shelter from the sun.


Only the Strong can rule. The Leaders of this kinship have placed themselves there by overthrowing their predecessor. They follow only the strong and fight for everything they have. A warlords rule is held in place by the very strict rank and file of a military. The Flame Speaker has a very subtle, but strong, influence on society here.


The world will not be kind to you, it is weak to believe that giving kindness back to it will change anything. Instead, build your bonds inward, as they are the connections that matter.


Dothraki, House Martell, Conan the Barbarian, The Horde, Beastmaster, Middle Eastern